Product Care
S series (The first letter of the product number is S) :
1. Dishwasher safe.
2. Place them carefully in the dishwasher, avoiding direct contact with other dishes and cups.
3. Do not wash with harsh abrasives-chemicals, brushes or scrubber pads - as this way may cause scratches.
4. Do not use strong acid or alkali cleaning.
5. Use warm soapy water or neutral dishwashing liquid for cleaning.
6. Please dry naturally or with a soft cloth after hand wash. Recommended microfiber cloth, this will make the product remain shining.
7. Please avoid stacking them - as this way may cause scratches.
Only the following types can be stacked. They are designed for stacking:
8. We suggest that the temperature range of the product can be used normally: -30℃~110℃ (-22℉~230℉).
It is not recommended for use in the microwave and high temperature sterilizer.
9. Avoid near the fire.