S series products (The first letter of the product number is S) :
1.What’s the difference between the S series and the general PC cups?
S series looks more like crystal than the general PC cups.
First of all, it is made from highest quality Polycarbonate.
And it is necessary to adopt special process technology to manufacture it.
Therefore, when you use the S series products you will feel better.
S series can meet the higher quality of life for you.

2.What material are the S series products made from? What are the advantages?
S series products are made from highest quality Polycarbonate. The advantages of S series include: 
Highest quality Polycarbonate has the best transparency and reflection, so S series looks like crystal.
Highest quality Polycarbonate is unbreakable so it will not cause cutting danger.
It is perfect for poolside, beach, on a boat, barbecue, picnic, bar, hotel, bathroom etc.
Dishwasher Safe.
4.It is lighter than the glass.
5.The cost of long-term use of S series will be superior to the traditional glasses.

3.How to clean and care for these S series products?
Please see [Product Care].

4.Is the S series dishwasher safe?
All of S series products can be washed in the dishwasher.
We consigned SGS as witness to do the dishwasher test of MLV product, 2000 wash cycles.
Test conditions:
1. Dishwasher’s Brand: ESCOFFIER EU-60CN
2. Lotion’s Brand: Quatier
3. Wash: 70±2℃
4. Rinse: 85±5℃
5. The washing and rinsing of period is 60seconds
6. 2000 wash cycles
Results:  Only some minimal scratches, the transparency is still good.
Please see[Certificate], the test results are satisfactory.

5.What temperature range do the S Series can be used?
We suggest that the temperature range of S Series can be used normally: -30℃~110℃(-22℉~230℉).
Even so, it is not recommended for use in the microwave and high temperature sterilizer.

6.What kind of drinks can not be filled in the S series products?
If I forget to wash the cup, beverage will not be attached on the cup?
General drinks and ice products can be filled in the S series will not cause staining.
In addition, we have tested with the following conditions:
Drinks:  Red wine, Liquor, Whiskey, Cola, Black vinegar
Condition:  96 hours
Results:  There is no trace after normal cleaning.

We emphasize that is just a test, please do not drink any beverage which has been placed for a long time.

7.Is there any certification?
Please see [Certificate], there are some certificates and test reports about S series products.
1. NSF certification. 
2. EC standard test report (via the SGS test)
3. LFGB standard test report (via the SGS test)
4. FDA standard test report (via the SGS test)
5. Dishwasher Safety Test report (via the SGS test)
Comments :
NSF:The National Sanitation Foundation  (USA) [http://www.nsf.org/]
EC:European Commission  (EU)
LFGB:Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch  (DE)
FDA:Food and Drug Administration  ((USA)

8.Does it contain BPA?
S series products had been through the EC standard test in February 2015 (approved by SGS test report).
Test Requested:Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 of 14 January 2011 –Specific Migration of Bisphenol A
Conclusion: PASS
We are convinced that the S series products have passed the EU standards for BPA, so you can rest assured that the use of S series products.

9.If it is scratched, how can I do?
PC products after used will have some scratches that is inevitable.
Please follow the methods described in the [Product Care], which can keep the product’s transparency and reflection.
If the scratches are slight, we recommend using a microfiber cloth to polish it, that scratches can be minimized.

10.Can it be recycled?
Yes, the S series product itself and all the packaging materials are made from recyclable materials.